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Kids Non-Medical Mask FFP3 JW-950S (20 each per box)


Kids Mask FFP3 JW-950S

The FFP3 mask is the most filtering of the FFP masks. It protects against very fine particles such as asbestos and ceramic. It does not protect against gases and in particular nitrogen oxide.  

Our Veteran brand is the European style FFP3 respirators certified to the medical European CE standard and currently mandated for wear in Germany and Australia. Our brand is additionally tested for ASTM 2100-19 needed NIOSH. Unlike other masks that claim a 95% filtration level, the Veteran Brand guarantees over 96-99.9% efficacy and will show test results. Another interesting fact about the company is that it has both an online and offline permanent USA address on the box, unlike other companies that make use of Amazon and other stores as a cover.