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Adult Non-Medical JW-288 FFP2 Half Mask (20 each per box)


Protective Respirator, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

· Intended Use:

Occupational use only. Reduces wearer’s exposure to particles including small particle aerosols and large droplets (all non-oil aerosols). Protects from exposure to airborne particles. Since it's with a valve, it shouldn't be used for medical use.

· Material Composition:

5-Ply. Outer & inner layers are Needle bonded (Polyester staple) fabric, 2nd & 4th layers are Melt Blown Polypropylene (MBPP), 3rd layer is Spun-bonded fabric (Polypropylene).

A high density polyurethane sponge strip is added inside the respirator to reduce the total inward leakage (TIL).